Social networks for business in Mexico

Social networks for business in Mexico

Roman MezaBy Roman Meza

Google, the giant and successful company established in Mountain View Ca, is the famous web search machine most popular in the world. Even these notes, Google still looking for new ideas, creating and merging new companies to keep their leadership in the world and keep their followers with those innovations.

What can, the Google philosophy, teach to us?: try to innovate, investigating, testing, merging, and expanding resources for everybody.

Even if you or I, own a small business, we can follow the Google example, on a small scale of course but with the same goals: to be popular, gain a lot of followers, offer them quality products so they know what we sell or do and how do we do, so in that way growth together as a big community and increase our sales.

In a competitive world we live today, the leaders have no doubts about investing on advertise their products by all the available promotion channels. Some of them with more resources will look for popular media channels as the TV, radio and news or magazines, so they get massive market segments. While the smaller ones, local or regional companies, with limited resources, we find on fliers, printed canvas, business cards and so,the way to promote our product, and social media is now the hit.

Social networks begin to be more popular in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta as well for companies and local business,  all kind of products, large and small stores. While social networks have been around for a long time for personal use, it’s boom is getting the top of popularity.

However, social networks for businesses in the Vallarta region are barely taking off, they are not well managed in our country, a few specialized administrators and agencies in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, such as Vortex Media, know how to use the powerful sales tool that can be an ad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, to make your brand a reference in the market.

As a matter of fact, too many businessin Puerto Vallarta still resist to do change or to hire a professional community manager, they believe that posting some pictures, images or text is enough to advertise a product on social media, what they don’t know is about measures, audience, targets, markets and popular contents.

E-commerce in Mexico is slowly rising but it’s not about wishes or capability, it’s about fears, prejudices and ignorance: they don’t know about the potential of the internet.

Anyway, e-commerce is growing and Mexico is just behind Brazil on internet shopping.

3 years ago, total sales in Brazil got to be over 7 to 1 to Mexico, today they are 3 to 1, I think we will achieve the same sales than Brazil, and exceed them in the next 6-8 years.

The Mexican market is really interesting for the main companies in the USA and around the world, there’s not really much competition on the web, Amazon knows about this and has arrived to challenge and lead the Mexican retail market on the web.

We have quality, we know the know-how, but we are afraid about to grow up and open our doors to the world, they just need to trust on their own odds.

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